Tucson Quality Landscaping Best Reliable Landscaping Team Available

Tucson Quality Landscaping Best Reliable Landscaping Team Available
Yard Clean Up, Gravel Spreading, Monthly Maintenance, Cactus Removal, Hauling, & Much More!

Jun 19, 2010

Tucson Fire Department and Kold News 13 Northwest Reporting

Tucson Fire Department and Kold News 13 team up for a story on Unkept yards on the Northwest Side of Tucson.

There are hundreds of homes on the foreclosure market, which makes unkept yards potential hazards when it comes to heavy gusts of wind passing through Tucson.

Homes with weeds that are up to 3 feet high could easily catch flame with the winds roaring against the raging heat of 105+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Something as simple as not removing the weeds in your yard, could turn into a horrible day for ones' family or ones' surrounding neighbors' families.

Don't let this happen!

Also Pima County is cracking down on unkept yards, so they can collect fines from home owners. Don't become a victim to pima counties $85 dollar per person and/or hour plus all applicable taxes nonsense. Just hire Tucson Quality Landscaping and we will complete the job for a reasonable price depending on the size and severity of your yard. We will not know how much it will be until we come out to your property for a Free Estimate.

*Let us do your weed removal, gravel spreading, tree trimming, and more.

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Jun 17, 2010

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